A talking weighing scale for at home

4.7 out of 5 stars

This is a very good product for blind people who want to bake and measure the right quantity of ingredients for special occasions or birthdays. When you put the ingredients on the scale, it tells you how much you put in and you can then adjust accordingly.

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4 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Talking Kitchen Scale


£15 - £50

The reason being that this could be tricky at first for visually impaired people who haven't used the scale before to adjust quantities. Overall, it's still useful in that it gives you independence to cook and bake.

This can build your confidence and give you independence as you don't need help from others to bake.

It's more cost effective to bake in the long run and more practical. I value this money wise as it's cheaper and better than buying ready made cakes.

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This easy-to-use kitchen scale announces the weight of your ingredients in a clear English male voice and the volume can be adjusted. Measures in Metric and Imperial; up to five kilograms or 11 pound, in five gram or half ounce steps. The scales gives high and low tones, every five grammes, when weights are adjusted slowly to help with precise measurements.

Touching the large easy-to-clean bowl causes the weight to be repeated, and the tare function allows you to zero measurements, before adding more ingredients.

  • Clear male English voice, adjustable volume.
  • Tare function.
  • Metric measures: up to five kilograms (5kg) in five gram (5g) steps.
  • Imperial measures: 11 pound (11lb) in half ounce steps.
  • Accurate within two per cent.
  • Bowl has a smooth surface for easy-cleaning and non-slip feet.
  • Bowl inner diameter is 23cm (9.05 inches), depth is 10.6cm (4.2 inches).
  • Base measures width by length by height: 17.5cm by 23cm by 8.3cm (7 by 9 by 3.28 inches)
  • Supplied with a 9v PP3 battery and mains power adaptor.