Space Chamber Plus , to get the best from your inhalers

5 out of 5 stars

Inhalers can be tricky to perfect a technique with at the best of times, but when you have an instance where you really need that inhaler, the techniques and correct procedures can go out of the window! You just squeeze and suck, you need relief quick!
We are all told this is the wrong way to do it, but when you are struggling to breath it is difficult to be calm and collected sometimes.
Another problem for people prescribed inhalers is that their lung capacity is often compromised so that a deep breath is impossible, as is any chance of holding the breath for 5, 10 or 15 seconds as recommended.
All of which means, that although the medication in our inhalers is perfectly good, and optimised for our condition, we just cannot get the full benefit, plus the medication ending up in our mouth and throat instead of lungs, causing sore throat and oral thrush to compound our problems.
This was the case with me, until my COPD nurse got me to try the Space Chamber Plus.
Now I attach the inhaler, pressit as usual for the dose, which enters the chamber, and only then do I need to fit my lips to the mouthpiece, and take up to 7 normal steady breaths, not having to think about any technique. The medication sits safe in the chamber until you take it in.
It is easy to wash, just warm water and weak detergent mix, no rinsing needed, just leave to drain and dry. Dishwasher safe as well.
It comes in 2 sizes, standard and compact, I use the compact.
Masks can be attached, but I prefer without so it is less bulky and small enough to carry around when you go out.

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5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Space Chamber Plus from Medical Developments.

Space Chamber Plus.

Under £15

I got mine through the GP practice nurse, but available online as well

Nothing to go wrong!

5 star value !

  • Reliability
  • Value for money
  • Other, please specify

Better quick relief with breathing conditions.

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Key Advantages:

-Cross Valve TechnologyTM is designed to provide very low resistance, one-way flow during inhalation for improved drug delivery and ease of use.

-Transparent chamber allows clear visualisation of respiratory valve movement and direct confirmation of correct product operation and usage by patients.

-Standard 22 mm mouthpiece can be attached to most face masks on the market.

-Universal inhaler base has an elastic opening that fits perfectly with all metered dose inhaler (MDI) brands and does not easily dislodge during removal of inhaler.

-Available in two sizes, Standard and Compact, and is ideal for paediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Compact can be easily carried in school bags, handbags and briefcases, for convenient storage and handling.

-Inhaler base removes for easy cleaning.


-MDI can be stored in the chamber body.

Product Specifications

Dimensions:   Standard    Compact

Volume:           230 ml        160ml

Length:             18.5cm       14.5cm

Mouthpiece:    22mm

Material of construction

Chamber: Polycarbonate

Cross Valve: Silicone

Inhaler Base: Thermoplastic elastomer


Warranty: One year

Availability: Prescription only