A reader for visually impaired people that provides audio output.

5 out of 5 stars

This is a really fantastic piece of equipment - very handy and useful. I recommend that visually impaired people look into this. I use it for letters, books, newspapers.
I advise people to test it before buying to see if its useful to them as it's expensive. You can trial it for free for 47 days or you can go to a workshop for a day. I heard about this at an event and from 2 organisations (Sight and Sound and RNIB).
If there's a problem with it you can call the company and they will come out to you.
You position the smart reader in the house. It isn't linked to a PC. It's a separate machine that you plug into a socket. It has 2-3 buttons with an audio output.

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5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Smart Reader

At home

Smart Reader



It's really useful and handy as it will read out letters and you don't need to rely on others to read for you. It's useful for reading confidential and personal letters that you don't want to share with others and want to read in your own time.

It has played up at times but overall it's very good, very reliable. One thing I would recommend is leaving it in one place and not moving it around to keep it safe.

Very good technology and worth the money.

  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Accessibility

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-A full page reader that is easy to use and boasts a lightweight portable sleek design with a user friendly console.

-Position your document and press a button, in seconds Smart Reader begins reading aloud.


-User friendly Control Console with tactile buttons

-Capture an image, magnify and read along comfortably in page, line or word format.

-28 color modes available to optimize contrast and brightness

-Book mode for saving multiple pages

-Table mode allows you to easily read documents with tables

-Audio and visual prompts

-Volume and Speed controls

-Capture, save and recall modes

-Natural sounding male or female voice

-Over 20 languages available

-Clock with voice prompt on demand

-Attach headphone for privacy

-Weighs under 5 lbs.

-2 year warranty