A powered wheelchair both powerful and reliable

4.3 out of 5 stars

I've been using powered wheelchairs for 14 years and had several. This is now a year old, I've walked my dog through the most amazing mud, water and weeds and not had to be rescued (yay!).

I've got the heavy duty battery on the chair and I really think it should come as standard. Like a lot of wheelchair users, I have a full and hectic life. I spend a lot of time zipping from one commitment to another and will often be out and about for 10 - 12 hours. I've also done a couple of things that have involved an overnight stay. I didn't pack the battery - I wanted to travel light - and the battery didn't let me down.

I've got the kerb climber on the front and to be honest, it's just an irritant that gathers leaves and sticks without giving me any additional umph to get up steps; I wouldn't recommend the additional expense.

I've the rear wheel drive model which definitely gives me more power when out and about with the dog. The downside is the turning circle becomes significantly larger - about 4 feet.

It's more of an outdoor / indoor chair than an indoor / outdoor chair if you know what I mean! I've not been kind to it; it's been used and abused, it's walked the dog in all weathers, brought home huge bags of compost on the bus, been shoved onto trains and into taxis. In that time and with that abuse, it's only needed one set of wheels and replacement bearings on the front castors. It seems to be quite common now not to house the bearings in a casing so they just rot when you're out in inclement weather or return from a dog walk needing hosing down because you brought most of the woods home.

It's not the same standard as my beloved Puma, but it's a lot cheaper. I think, for the active wheelchair user, this is a great buy.

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5 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars


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Off-roading, being out and about all day, reliability and comfort.

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Small spaces indoors,

The Salsa-R² electric powered wheelchair is equipped with a fully adjustable seating system which can be quickly adjusted throughout the full range of width and depth, back angle and height without additional parts.

– Indoors, the compact base and low seat to floor height (starting from 42 cm) ensures easy access under tables

– Outdoors, the adjustable suspension and powerful motors (2-pole or 4-pole) offer a comfortable and active driving characteristic up to a speed of 10 kph

– Two battery options: 60 and 70 Ah

– Speed: 6 kph and 10 kph

– Max user weight: 140 kg (22 stone)

– Max range: 30 km with the 60 Ah battery, 35 km with the 70 Ah battery

– Colours: red, blue, and white