Text to Speech Scanner

3.7 out of 5 stars

The ReadEasy Move 2 is a stand-alone text to speech scanner designed for visually impaired people to access printed material.

The main unit has a slightly retro feel and is pleasantly reminiscent of a portable radio from the 1970s. The higher tech part is a detachable camera arm which slots onto the top of the unit, creating a scanning area of more than an A4 sheet to the front. A flexible mat is provided which is used as a guide within which to place the material to be scanned and read.

A good point is that the product is portable and can be easily transported to other locations. You cannot however use it on the move as it is mains only and the printed material must be held very still while the text is captured. You also need to make sure that you have a flat surface with adequate space for the unit and the material to be placed.

Dimensions of the main unit are approximately 20cm wide x 21cm tall x 9cm deep.

The product also comes with a set of good quality headphones for privacy while reading.

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5 out of 5 stars

3 out of 5 stars

3 out of 5 stars

ReadEasy Move 2

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£1400 approx

In general, the product is extremely easy to use and the controls are well defined on the top of the unit. The only control not so well defined is the volume slide control situated on the right hand face of the unit.

There is a good range of different voices and speeds which can easily be set to suit individual requirements.

Reliability of the output is slightly mixed:

- For plain text material including books, the output is extremely good. An open book can be read and the unit recognises and copes with 2 pages being on view.

- For newspapers and magazines, the product does not perform so well. It struggles to recognise newspaper columns and it can also become confused when faced with magazine articles that are cluttered with pictures and captions. A limited solution to this issue is to try covering up pictures with a blank sheet of paper, if you are able to do so although this can be a bit fiddly. There is also a light on the camera which can be adjusted to reduce glare from glossy paper or increase the clarity of text if you are operating it in reduced lighting conditions. Basically the message is that some experimentation is sometimes required.

As with many specialist products, it comes at a price and there is not choice in the market for similar products. Having used the product for 2-3 years now, it was overall a good investment.

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If you are someone with low vision, this is an ideal tool if you want to maintain your independence with reading. It works well if you are finding it difficult to read with a magnifying glass or have a learning disability. This might be an option to consider if you have been using a video magnifier and are now not able to fit enough characters onto to the screen at your desired reading speed. When using video magnifiers the constant movement of text on the screen can make users feel tired or nauseous. The ReadEasy Move 2 eliminates this as it reads the text to you rather than you reading it yourself. If you have degenerative eye condition then this system can be used for now and the future.

It translates any printed text into crystal clear speech within seconds by using human sounding voices it makes it easier to understand what is being read out by the machine. Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging etc. are all read with ease. The ReadEasy Move 2 has been specifically designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. With its intuitive control system it uses one button operation to capture documents which means that it is perfect for small children or elderly users. It has a tactile design which means it is possible for users with different levels of vision including blindness to use it

Key Features

  • An easy to use system with its single button press to start the capture and reading process.
  • Uses the latest camera and optical recognition software to ensure that text is read out as accurately as possible.
  • Uses natural sounding human sounding voices and a custom built 6 watt RMS stereo speaking system that ensures that there is no better sounding reading machine.
  • It has a stylist design with a folding detachable camera. Tactile buttons makes it easy to use for all ages.
  • It’s compact design means that it takes up a small space on any desk, it’s compact design also means that the ReadEasy Move is the lightest free standing reading machine weighing 1.60kg. This means that it is extremely portable.
  • An integrated foldable carrying handle making it effortless and safe to move from room-to-room
  • It can read almost any shaped surface be it flat or rounded. The camera system also ensures that it is possible to capture deep into the spines of books without having to flatten them. This is a great feature for use when cooking – e.g. when reading tins or packets of food.