Versatile, easy to use, one handed shoe laces

4.7 out of 5 stars

Quickshoelaces are easy to use elastic shoelaces suitable for virtually any lace up shoes or boots. They are supplied as a pair with a selection of metal tips to allow you to choose the combination which suits your shoes the best. I found the easiest way to put them on my shoes and get the correct length was to put the shoes on without laces in and then start at the top and lace down the shoe until complete. Using the supplied rings and a knot to secure the base of the laces, I then undid the top of the laces with one hand and checked the length was sufficient before cutting off the spare length of lace and that was it the laces were installed. The laces allow shoes to be slipped on without undoing or alternatively the top can be undone to allow sufficient space if you have a swollen or painful foot and then the laces hooked onto the tips using one hand after your foot is comfortably inside. These laces have proved so useful to me & easy to do that I’m replacing the laces in all of my shoes. I would definitely recommend this style of lace if you struggle with doing up traditional laces or need to be able to get lace up shoes on and off as slip-ons.

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5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars


Out and about


Under £15

After a couple of months use they still look like new.

Some colours are expensive but most are available at a discount which makes them affordable.

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One hand use

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On one end of the lace is a ring that you just clip on the metal pieces. All the parts are replaceable and can be disassembled very quickly. Because of elastic material it fits smoothly on shoes.

You get:

-1 x QuickShoeLace for a pair of shoes (with 4 metal tips and instructions)
– choose any color from the BASIC color palette
– choose the design of metal tips between SPIKES and ROUND ones
– universal lenght (4ft / 1,2m)