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3.7 out of 5 stars

After three company products reviewed at home by home sales representatives, each promising to "price-match" we finally selected 'Handicare'.

The quoted price initially, was mid-way of the three quotes. As promised when I re-contacted them they reduced the price by several hundred pounds, to match the lowest quote.
As a further 'inducement' an offer to increase the warranty period from two years to (a written) three year period was agreed. Further to this a follow up telephone call on a suitable; installation date for them; enabling them to fit within a weeks timeframe, would earn an additional one hundred pounds discount.

As some minor fitting, plus a fault during manufacture needed sorting, it was fitted and working in a safe mode. All this was written on to the fitters work sheet along with a section that final payment would not be made until issues had been resolved.
The faulty part was soon replaced and an additional safety aid added. It was only after all this had been finished that I paid the balance.

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4 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars

3 out of 5 stars

Handicare straight-stair chairlift.

At home

Handicare Straight-stair chair-lift.

Over £200

The unit worked as expected, although slower than expected. On the first night of use the time setting of the night house-intruder alarm was triggered. This meant that an additional re-set service had to be made on the arming/disarming of the alarm unit.
The other option could have been to install an extra alarm setting pad in the bedroom for night time use or cancelling before going down stairs on a morning. This method could also be used by those needing putting into bed or assistance to get up in a morning yet still retain a secure home at night.
Space to use the stairway, on ours, is still available even with the lift 'parked' top or bottom. The original salesperson suggested removing one of the handrails to gain extra width on the stairway. I was pleased that I wanted to maintain both handrails. Anyone else walking up or down could still use either or both rails, even those with a weakened grip or lost limb.

To date we have not used the unit to give any long term report worth any comment. However the distraction on reliability came to mind on reading the guide to use booklet (Issued upon installation) that a maximum use Per Day was set at 15 (fifteen) operations. I question the suitability then of one in a multi-person unit where this figure could be passed every day.

On something showing costs fitted in excess of £2500.oo the dramatic reduction by £800 shows just how much disabled people are charged over a profitable item. No one should accept a first price, or even request a price without a mature second person being there at the time. Don't agree to sign unless you are sure you have a second or third quotation already and be prepared to haggle, they need you more than you need them.

Prices on e-Bay or in local newspapers for secondhand units can seem attractive but you have to fit it, not easy on curved stairs, service it, ensure it's safe, all with no warranty, is it really worth the saving?

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Good for taking bulky wash baskets up or down. Reduces the chance of a fall on the steps. Less chance of feeling dizzy or fainting going up stairs.

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The 950+ offers the choice of manual or powered folding footrest and swivel options.

The 950+ is compatible with Handicare’s powered Slide Track or manual hinge system so if you have a doorway close to the bottom of your stairs the 950+ offers you a choice of solutions to prevent the track from causing an obstruction.

The 950+ incorporates all the standard features of the 950, but with the option of upgrading the stairlift with a host of powered and automatic options and extras.

The ergonomic toggle control was designed in consultation with occupational therapists, making the operation of the stairlift simple, even for users with joint problems, such as arthritis or rheumatism.

It has continuous charging function. The lift is charged at any point along the entire length of the track, so you can leave the stairlift wherever you want and be confident that it is on a charge point and ready to use.

Product Features:

-Safety sensors as standard

-Manual fold-up seat, arms and footrest, powered optional.

-Automatic and powered options are available

-Unique ‘slide track’ option available

-DC power as standard

-Standard weight limit of 265lbs

-Manual swivel seat as standard

-Choice of six upholstery colors

-Two remote controls as standard

-Continuous charging function

-Seatbelt as standard