Travelite Transport Chair

5 out of 5 stars

Aluminium framed lightweight foldable transit wheelchair.
Some, in fact most, foldable wheelchairs fold so that the middle collapses and the sides come together, leaving the full side profile of the chair which can still be awkward to fit in some spaces and cars.
The Travelite collapses both ways, with a scissor action, thus leaving a remarkably small and tidy piece, so small that you get a free zip up hold-all to fit it in! I must admit we never use the bag, when it comes into the house it gets folded then wheeled into the under stairs cupboard where it takes little room up because it can stand upright.
The specifications as follows:

Width (open) 57 cm 22 inches
Width (closed) 29 cm 12 inches
Length 84 cm 33 inches
Height 96 cm 37 inches
Seat Width 45 cm 18 inches
Seat Length 45 cm 18 inches
Seat Height 48 cm 19 inches
Weight 10 kg 21 lbs
Maximum User Weight 115 kg 18 stone

The wheels are 8" and solid, and if anything a bit unforgiving on all but the smoothest surfaces. Then again this is really a transit wheelchair meant for A to B in buildings rather than a full blown wheelchair to go to the shops in.
Because it is a transit chair it is not self propelled, so you need someone to push you along.

Two points that should be mentioned: The seat is fabric, so not cushioned and is not suitable for sitting in for too long, could use a cushion or foam pad, but I use it as is.
The handbrake is not very effective and additional precautions advisable.
The flip up arms are padded, so that`s a plus, and it is very light, and easy to fold and unfold and goes together with a satisfying "click" Paint work seems robust, no scratches or scuffs or fading after a year.
I myself use this (with a friend pushing) to visit shops and parks, and earlier this year on a day out to Beverley......Which I know now has a fair amount of cobbles and medieval pavement...... which was an endurance test for me and the wheelchair, but we both survived.

I paid less than £60 for this chair, and the VAT is exempt if you meet the criteria.
Available at a few outlets, I got mine online with free shipping.

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5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Travelite Transport Chair

Out and about


£50 - £100

Easily accessible

Mine is reliable so far

Very good value

  • Mobility
  • Value for money

  • I agree to your terms and conditions

-Folds to Approximately 1/3 the size of a typical folded wheelchair

-Ideal for holidays, days out and shopping trips

-Flip up padded desk arms

-Multiple cross braces for added strength

-Supplied with lightweight travel bag with wheels

-8″ puncture proof, solid tyres

-Suitable for use on most surfaces