Amazing new scooter has enhanced my independence

5 out of 5 stars

I was looking for a new electric scooter that would cope with grass, gravel, small lips or very small steps and uneven surfaces better than my existing boot scooter. I like to get out and about, as well as attending festivals and rallies. I found that my standard boot scooter was ok on short, dry grass and most pavements, etc, but it really struggled on damp grass and was absolutely hopeless on gravel and even the smallest lip.

By reading reviews and watching people around the Internet using a variety of scooters, I stumbled across the Di Blasi. It seemed to be the answer to my needs. I checked YouTube videos of people using their Di Blasi on a variety of surfaces and looked for a local supplier. I was really happy to find that my local store who supplied my original scooter had a Di Blasi for me to try.

Crucially they also had a really good, big showroom in which to try it (and lots of other scooters) as well as a private yard with some uneven surfaces/gravel in. So I gave the Di Blasi a proper try out both inside and out. What fun I had! Needless to say, I ordered one there and then and I can safely say that it's been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The R30 has 2 buttons on the side of the chassis. Press 1 and it folds itself up! Press the other and it unfolds itself completely! Folded up the R30 fits very easily in a smallish car boot and uses the smallest type of boot hoist. My son can easily lift it in and out of the car if he doesn't want to use the hoist too. It is smaller than my standard boot scooter, even when that is taken apart. The R30 is much lighter too, with a lithium battery.

The R30 comes with a cover if you want to use it (I've never used mine), but it also has an extendable metal handle and little wheels that enable the whole thing to be easily pulled along like a suitcase once it's folded.

Unfolded, the Di Blasi looks like a marvel of engineering and is also very simple. Handlebars are easily reachable and are comfortable. They are spring loaded so there is no jarring and are very responsive. The wheels are bigger than the standard boot scooters which is why it is so good on the different surfaces. There is a really bright LED headlight (made up of 3 or 4 lights in a metal housing) which is automatically activated thanks to a light sensor. There is a rear light that you need to switch on, but that can give a flashing red light or a constant red light.

The footplate has a rubberised, textured surface so it's practical. The seat is padded and the cushion can be removed if required. It's fixed to the base of a strong, wipe clean webbed material by way of velcro straps so it doesn't slip about. The back of the seat has comfortable padding along the top. Everything is easy to wipe down and dries quickly.

The controls are simple. A power button activates the Di Blasi and a battery gauge shows how much charge is left (using red, amber and green). One switch on the dashboard is for fast or slow, whereas the other switch is to go forward or reverse. There's a warning, intermittent beeping sound as soon as reverse is selected. There's also a horn button which activates the beep.

The Di Blasi does not currently come with an ignition key, which concerns me. I wasn't willing to buy a scooter that could not be secured easily, but when I ordered mine, Bewick Mobility agreed to fit an ignition barrel to it before I picked it up. They didn't have any problems doing that, and it provides reassurance. I also use a good bike lock if I'm leaving it anywhere, purely because it's portable. The lithium battery simply clips in and is light enough to be carried if you wanted to remove it. The Di Blasi is currently available in red, blue or grey.

The Di Blasi is really innovative and, as such, I think it is being refined as time progresses. Rough corners around the dashboard and the thumb operated controls will no doubt become smoother in each iteration.

When I bought my R30, I paid £2,500 and an extra £70 for a collapsible cloth basket that slots on to the front of the handlebars.

All in all, I love my Di Blasi. I get stopped and asked about it wherever I am by people (old and young alike). If I had a £1 for every time I've demonstrated how it folds up, etc I'd be quite comfortable! I even won a trophy at a motorcycle rally when it was voted for by the bikers!

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5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Di Blasi R30 self folding electric scooter

Out and about

Di Blasi R30

Over £200

Only suitable for those weighing less than 15 stones.

I find it incredibly accessible. Easy to get on and off.

I've had no problems at all.

Cheaper and better value than many of the folding scooters I looked at. Especially due to it folding to the size of a suitcase so is easy to take on holiday, etc.

  • Mobility
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Value for money
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Positive mental health and reduces isolation

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By pressing on a button, this mobility scooter folds down into the size of a small suitcase for easy transportation and storage. By pressing on the same button again it transforms into a fully assembled mobility scooter that’s ready to ride in seconds with no additional assembly required.

Its high ground clearance, low center of gravity and over-sized wheels give it a stable ride, even when faced with rough or uneven terrain, while its powerful motor will easily carry it up a six degree incline.


-Top speed: 6km/h (4 mph)
-Range: 20km (12 miles)
-Power output: 250w motor
-Brakes: Electro-magnetic brake and independent parking brake
-Max load: 100kg (220lb)
-Size (folded): 62 x 48 x 39cm
-Width: 62cm
-Ground clearance: 11cm
Weight (incl.battery): 26.9kg / 59.3lbs; Weight (without battery): 22.1kg (48.7lb)
-Wheel size: 31cm
-Turning circle: 86cm.
-Max slope: 6%.
-Motor voltage: 24V
-Motor max-output: 250W
-Battery type: LiFePO4
-Battery capacity: 9Ah
-Battery charger: 2A
-Battery weight: 2.8kg (6.2lb)