Amazing 4x4 wheelchair that can access your home as well as a country Park

5 out of 5 stars

I am a proud owner of the Chasswheel 4x4 DSS wheelchair. It is sold by and is the most amazing wheelchair that has given me my freedom. I no longer have to detour to dropped kerbs when out with my dog or my friends. Can you believe you are having a conversation and while your friends step off the pavement you would have to say hang on while I detour . Now I’m up to getting off and on 4 inch kerbs. The wheels are air inflated, they have puncture repair in them. I take them to a tyre fitting shop to have the pressures checked.
The batteries are in a box at the back, there are 4 of them and charged regularly gives you a really good distance (depending of course on your weight).
The wheels are controlled by axles so you can’t drop and lock in a van. But here’s the magic solution. There are 6 tie down points, if you get raised tie down points you can lean over and attach them to your own tie down points. The 2 in the middle are for when you are not travelling in the chair.
Can you get through ordinary sized doors? well that depends on your size, if you have the arms extended wider then perhaps not, but the 4x4 wheels are manoeuvrable. I have managed the hospital corridors and doorways to see the consultant. Getting into a lift is more difficult as the machine is longer with the battery on the back, so I sometimes have to tilt up the footplate to allow for extra room to close the lift doors and with an assistance dog we have to be inventive to get us both in.
I’ve been places other wheelchair users wouldn’t believe. On the beach, along a country park, going over uneven ground, hilly ground, tree roots, a really steep bridge. There are limits I don’t think I would try Ben Nevis. But who knows maybe there’s a challenge there!
It’s been a learning curve but that’s the best part in as much as Chris who sells it isn’t just a salesman. He is a user as well. You get tuition and training. He’s on the end of a phone, which, when I got it stuck in my Caravelle he reminded me that it does climb and therefore getting stuck isn’t an issue.
It’s got 4 batteries in the chair so that really does mean I can go the distance sitance. Ok. I’m a heavy person, but it I can go further than an ordinary electric chair.
It lays me out, Reclines, tilts in space elevates and stands me up. That’s really important as I need to move my position.
This chair is the most expensive of the range, Chris gave me suggestions about how to raise the money. I have had the chair painted in colours that matter to me. I have it in the same colour as my assistance dog Charity with my dog’s pawpints. How customised is that?
There are servicing costs every year. Although it has a 5 year warranty, you have to budget for extras. The insurance is through wheelchair services as I got a part voucher for this chair. It’s a lot of pennies too, so when you are fundraising these are all extras you need to consider. If parts break and they aren’t part of the warranty then you need to find those extras too.
It’s a magic wand wishing giver of a chair. I do have to check accessibility with places, but we do fit in a wheelchair taxis. We’ve been to hotels, hospital, my house, muddy puddles, along the edge of the shore at the beach. Over a muddy waterlogged park without spinning the wheels. On gravel, on snow, on ice. The man was apologising for the freeze up in a car park, we sailed over the top of the ice.
I’m no longer confined to the house in adverse weather conditions. There is a point to charge my phone/iPad, a mirror to drive in the road, lights, all these are extras. All I can say is Thank you to Chris and #Mybility

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5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Chasswheel Four X Powered Wheelchair

Chasswheel 4x4 DSS wheelchair

At home

Electric Wheelchair Chasswheel 4x4 DSS

Over £200

Totally accessible, may need help to attach to tie down points in a vehicle when you remain the passenger

Serviced yearly cost £260 plus replacements for items not under warranty. You need to look after your equipment and if something doesn’t sound right phone up to prevent a costlier bill

This is top end of the range, cannot be purchased by a Personal Health Budget or a voucher, so fundraising is recommended or Access to work. It is phenomenal in its ability to be used in the home as well as adverse condtions

  • Dexterity
  • Mobility
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Value for money
  • Other, please specify

A talking point so increases socialisation, keeps you going where friends go, unfortunately it can’t donsteps very well although Chris has a video of him going down a flight of stairs, I wouldn’t be so corageous

  • Memory

  • I agree to your terms and conditions

Standard features include an adjustable head rest, angle and height adjustable padded armrests, angle and length adjustable foot rest, LED lights with indicators, variable speed settings, electric tilt in space and a choice of seating sizes and styles. All with a realistic life span of over 10 years.

Wheelchair specifications:

Width: 69 cm
Height:89 cm
Length: 100 cm
Drive Distance**: 46 km
Standard Batteries: 2 x 80 Ah
Wheelchair Weight: 126 kg