Motorise your blind to operate by phone app

4.7 out of 5 stars

The Brunt Blind Engine enables ordinary blinds (Roller and Vertical) to be operated remotely using a smartphone. The blind engine can be easily retrofitted to your existing blind and uses the existing cord to operate the blind (either tilt or draw functions are possible for vertical blinds, up and down for roller blinds). It is easy to set up via the Brunt App and works using standard plug into mains power and your home WiFi network. Setup involves setting the blind opening and closing limits and position of the cord to allow reliable operation. Once setup, the blind can be controlled using the app and/or the manual buttons on the blind engine itself. The blind can be open or closed to any position of your choice using percentage of maximum opening (0-100% open) to calculate your requirements allowing total flexibility. It is straightforward to schedule blind opening and closing times (possible to program multiple timers for all days of the week) and ad hoc opening and closing is also possible. The blind engine can also be remotely operated and/or scheduled to operate when you’re away from home.

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4 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Brunt Blind Engine

At home


£50 - £100

Some hand function is needed to put the cord into the blind engine and fix to the wall with sticky pad or screws but once this is done the rest of operations are done using the app.

Much cheaper than buying new motorised blinds

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-Raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere. It is possible to control multiple blinds simultaneously. Set schedule or Geo-location for automatic operations.

-Simply attach the Blind Engine to wall or window frame and link the blind cords. (Double-sided tape, screw and bead or cord link gears included)

Compatible with various type of roll blinds with cord or bead.

-Simply tell it to ‘raise and lower’ your blind. Tell Amazon Alexa to control your Blind Engine.

-Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant