About Rate it!

Rate it! is the consumer review website for and by disabled and older people.

Rate it! is a new website that offers disabled and older people a space to share their views and reviews of products (both specialist and mainstream) that can help to make life easier.

The reviews are written by real people from our Rate it! community of reviewers, and because it’s a pilot project, we really need you to get involved! Please do share your product reviews on Rate it!, read other people’s reviews and tell others about it too. We want to build a thriving community of product reviewers who can help each other to research, choose and buy the products that will work best for them. Why not get started now and add your review?

We’ve made it easy to add a review to Rate it!

There are now two ways to add a Rate it! review without using our online form:

  1. Ring us on 020 7427 2460 and give us your review over the phone. We’ll do the rest.
  2. Fill in our printed review form. You can ring 020 7427 2460 and ask for a copy to be sent to you. Or you can download and print a copy to fill in.

How do I know reviews are genuine?

Rate it! is monitored by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers to ensure that only reviews written by real people are online.

If you spot a dodgy review – let us know!

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer and would like your product(s) to be reviewed, get in touch.


Rate it! has been developed in partnership by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC), Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living (LCiL) and Enabled by Design with support from the DRILL research programme funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

About RiDC

Research Institute for Disabled Consumers logo
The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC) is the leading expert in user-centred research involving disabled and older consumers. We are an independent, national charity with a board of twelve trustees, all of whom have personal experience of disability.

Founded by the Consumers’ Association, now Which?, we have over 50 years’ experience of specialist research and publishing high-quality information.


About LCiL

The Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living (LCiL) is a user led organisation based in Leicester city that works in innovative ways based on the social model of disability to support disabled people at a local, regional and national level to exercise choice and control for independent living.

All our work is underpinned by the social model of disability and as a user led organisation we are run and controlled by disabled people. We positively promote equality in the workplace and in our services on the grounds of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.


About Enabled by Design

Enabled by Design logo
Enabled by Design (EbD) is a community of people who are passionate about Design for All. They believe that good design can support people to live independently by helping to make life that little bit easier. EbD was inspired by founder Denise Stephens’ experiences following her diagnosis of MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2003.




Disability Research on Independent Living & Learning
Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) is the world’s first major research programme led by disabled people. DRILL is fully funded by the Big Lottery Fund and is delivered in partnership by Disability Action, Disability Rights UK, Disability Wales and Inclusion Scotland.

DRILL is led by disabled people and funds co-produced research and pilot projects to find solutions about how disabled people can live as full citizens and take part socially, economically and politically.